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10th of October 2017 11:08 PM Link
What a day and ended nicely with the confirmation of 'Fantazia presents - Another World Festival' where Rackitt, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Chris and Aaron Liberator will be joining forces with some heavyweight headliners for a stomping Sunday takeover !

Fantazia are one of the most influential dance music brands of all time. Established in 1991, Fantazia have sold millions of albums and releases, whilst bringing to prominence DJ careers of some of the worlds biggest artists including iconic artists such as Carl Cox and Slipmatt, whilst inspiring scores of brands, artists and ravers alike.

Bringing back the old skool rave vibes !
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10th of October 2017 12:20 PM Link

ADE: What is it ? just another load of jumbled up characters abbreviated down to 3 letters as everything seems to be these days ? LBdb included ☺

ADE stands for Amsterdam Dance Event and is a week long party as well as workshops on music production techniques, conferences on PRS matters, new fangled technologies, prototype hardware and presentations on new music software. A veritable cornucopia of music and music people not just techno but Hip Hop, bass and breaks, all aspects of Electronic Dance Music dissected and studied at a deep level, all in one amazing place called Amsterdam.

The event itself is spread out over the city from the 18th to 22nd October and is split into 3 basic categories : Conferences, Playground and Festival. Topics covered in the Conference arena for example, will cover aspects of brexit and it’s affect on UK artists working and travelling within Europe. This conference will be headed by John Truelove (LBdb’s agency mentor), Dave Clarke, Alan Simms and Nick De Cosemo.
The Festival venues will be hosting the Guinness world record for longest rave and the playground/festival will be where the HYDRAULIX workshops will happen as well as a massive HYDRAULIX party and you’re all invited !

So come join us at the Hydraulix after party and be the jumbled up character that we will no doubt manifest into after our serious business stuff has been hashed out (get it)!

Event is at Schuim bar (Spuistraat 189, 1012, VN, Amsterdam), on Thursday the 19th October with workshops from midday until 20.00 then after eight, will be the RAVE till late ☺
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9th of October 2017 03:08 PM Link
Meat Katie :

New Single 'Dolls' with Matt Dopamine Goddard has just gone up, any support would be greatly appreciated 🙂

8th of October 2017 07:08 PM Link
From Chicago loop artist page:

Massive thanks to main man Richie Hawtin for dropping my dub mix of "Wolf At The Door" on Respekt Recordings at Ultra Music Festival in Mexico last night. 🙂
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11th of September 2017 01:09 PM Link
Chris Liberator play's in Wroclaw for 'Audio City' at Club Das Lokal on 21st October ! get your Acid Techno fix here 🙂
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29th of August 2017 06:43 PM Link
Last day of Summer raving in Paris this Thursday with Chris Liberator ! London Acid Techno ❤️👌❤️
Jeudi Techno X Molekul : Chris Liberator • Airod • Mayeul • JKS
Jeudi Techno vous chatouille les doigts de pied totu l'été ! Pour cette dernière du mois d'août, quoi de mieux que d...
31st of August 2017 09:00 PM
18th of August 2017 06:02 PM Link
And more music from Chicago Loop - Artist Page for your weekend listening pleasure 🙂
18th of August 2017 05:58 PM Link
Friday night music from Jerome Hill 🙂
17th of August 2017 05:18 PM Link
More stories from the underground movement that has served us so well over the years. Shouts out to Julian Liberator and Gizelle Rebel Yelle who get a mention in this article 🙂
17th of August 2017 05:16 PM Link
Chicago Loop - Artist Page will be spinnin new tracks, new promos and some classics for tomorrow at Club ToY in Stuttgart with Spec X, Harry Nash and Whatelse. Bring it on!
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