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Representing acid, techno, experimental electro music, 2Junxion stands for the best in the scene. Therefore they only do semi-live performances using Native Instruments Traktor, Maschine and Ableton Live. With an innovative semi-live performance during their gigs this dj team will take you beyond the limits of expectation. A typical 2Junxion set is versatile and not to be compared with any others. They are famous for their skilled performance, unique sound and highly energetic enthusiasm.

Recognizing their similar taste in music and technology they joined as a team and discovered there was a lot of synergy. 2Junxion specializes in long sets in all electronic styles and are masters in acid and techno. Both deejays started their mixing careers in the 90’s, Vinyl Junk mastered in hardcore, while SynnyS mastered his techno and they always stayed faithful to their true love: ACID!

2Junxion are official “Acid Warriors” for the german acid label Acid Tracks on which they have released several productions. They also worked together with the Acid Junkies, running the AJ Records label. A highlight was the 2Junxion remix of the Acid Junkies track “Bacteria” which was picked up quickly by Dave Clarke, playing it frequently in his radio show “White Noise” and in his DJ sets. 2Junxion are also co-owners of the Twidl Record label and event organization.