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Aaron cut his teeth as a DJ alongside his techno brothers Julian and Chris Liberator. Starting out in 1992 The Liberators were the infamous DJ outfit that came out of the North London squat seen and onto the free festival circuit teaming up with Spiral Tribe, Bedlam and Circus Normal for some legendary parties. As their reputation grew, the demand for their DJ sets meant that the Liberators were playing around the UK every weekend at parties, clubs and festivals. Things really took off in 1994 and Aaron’s apprenticeship was earned by playing weekly at Squat parties in London for sound systems such as the mighty Immersion and gaining monthly residencies at the legendary Megadog in London, Plant Alpha in Prague and La Real in Oviedo in the north west of Spain.

The interest in the Stay Up Forever label he owns with Chris and Julian Liberator was also taking off at the time, and was creating a global scene with its unique style of London Acid Techno and a roster of amazing artists. In 1996 Aaron made his first trip of many to South America, where his tough techno sounds struck a chord with Latin people, especially in Brazil and Venezuela. Nearly 2 decades later you will still regularly find Aaron on the decks in a Latin country or some other far flung place across the globe. For all the many countries he has visited and all the squat parties, festivals and club nights, Aaron has never lost sight of what it means to have come from the real underground, always humble, always representing Acid Techno and the Stay Up Forever collective sound and always a vibe DJ.

Aaron does the day to day running of the Stay Up Forever record collective and finds time also to put his hand to music production, being responsible alongside long standing partner The Geezer for some of the great and good of Acid Techno such as “Santa Pod” on SUF, “Lick It” on Highwire and the “Man Bites Belgium” E.P. on Smitten. Aaron has also been working on techno projects with Ganez The Terrible and Sterling Moss and as The Wipeouts, a DJ and production team with Sterling and Chris Liberator.

HAS PLAYED : all over U.K. and Ireland, all over Europe, Japan, U.S.A., Russia, Brazil, Venezuela and many other places and was one of the the first Acid Techno D.J’s to play in Russia and Czech Republic.