dave the drummer


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He’s the one of the key producers behind the Acid Techno sound hailing from London in the late 1990’s and owner of one of the best known underground techno labels in the world, Hydraulix. Since 1997 Dave has been DJ’ing all over the world playing great tracks, both new and old, from his vast catalog of techno music.

His recent remix and production work on labels such as: Reklusive, Elektrax, Naked Lunch, Phobiq and of course Hydraulix, have picked up much attention from some of the worlds top techno DJ’s and often turn up in many of their tracklists.

Dave plays the style of techno that he is currently producing which focuses on the new sound of techno as it is today. The sounds is roughly around the 130 bpm speed and incorporates a lot of Dave’s latest work and new releases from associated artists and labels. Please check his soundcloud page if you are unclear about what that is. He does play occasional “Old Skool” sets which will incorporate some Acid Techno hits, but these must be arranged in advance. Dave is very much trying to push the sound of his productions and Label Hydraulix, so will not appreciate being asked to only play old classic tracks from 20 years ago without some agreement in advance.

He plays using Traktor Scratch with vinyl control, and has taken his sound all over the world. recent gigs include Glastonbury, Brasil, France and Italy.

The Label Hydraulix is now distributed via Labelworx and the release schedule is filling up with great new releases, plus there is soon to be some Vinyl on the way.