Loud By Design Bookings is an underground DJ and artist agency from London, UK and was founded by Rachel back in 2017. After spending 15 years previously running SUF Bookings, the agency that was affiliated with the Stay Up Forever Collective, Rachel decided to create LBdB to better represent the changing musical styles of her artists, supporting and promoting the evolution of their individual works, as well as seeking out new contacts to work with. The emphasis of Loud By Design is to represent, support and book quality dance music artists that have a strong reputation and solid history within the underground scene, both nationally and internationally, as well as offering diversity with artistic styles that range from techno and hard techno to breaks and acid.

Loud By Design also proudly works closely with the following organisations.

Hard Techno/Acid Techno

Chris Liberator
Acid Techno/Hard Techno

Rachel Rackitt
Techno/Acid Techno/Hard Techno

Chicago Loop

The Liberator DJ’s
Techno/Hard Techno/Acid Techno

Chris Liberator VS D.A.V.E. The Drummer
Hard Techno/Acid Techno

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