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Rachel Rackitt
Techno/Hard Techno/Acid Techno

Rackitt, rak’et, n. Disturbance, uproar, a confused din; busy activity, social excitement, dodge, game, line of business, clamour; the bat used in tennis, &c. ; make a racket, to move about noisily, to frolic!

Rachel Rackitt, owner and creator of Loud By Design Bookings DJ agency, and employee of London’s once infamous Kinetec Records. A party pirate who has rinsed the hell outta underground music and parties since late 1989!

In 1996 she put needle to record and learnt to mix. Over the past 25 years she has made a name for herself as one of the most talented and versatile free party and underground DJ’s around. She has showcased her style of Banging Techno all throughout the UK playing clubs, festivals and some of the more infamous

Teknivals. Additionally, she regularly plays overseas events in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North and South America. In 2004 Rachel collaborated with US DJ, Sarah F.A.B, from Forever & Beyond Distribution (co-owned by Justine Cullen) to create The Vinyl Vixens. Originally an all-female DJ agency, the Vixens transformed into a DJ duo that set about flying the flag for quality female DJ’s.

Design to better represent the changing musical styles of her artists, supporting and promoting the evolution of their individual works, as well as seeking out new horizons. The emphasis of Loud By Design is to better represent, support and offer quality dance music artists that have a strong reputation and solid history within the underground scene, both nationally and internationally, as well as offering diversity with artistic styles that range from techno and hard techno to breaks and acid,

Alongside DJ’ing and the agency work, Rachel has always found the time to get into the recording studio and has produced some underground favourites and classics over the years, including tracks such as, Bitch Shit 001 with Sarah F.A.B, Rave All Revive All (Stay Up Forever RMX), Woody Mc Brides Aciiieeed, (Future of Acid House) and Player 27 (2019 Remix).


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