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Chris Liberator
Acid Techno/Hard Techno

Chris started djing back in 1991 playing his first ever party in a squat in North London (organised with the fledgling Liberator crew featuring himself, Julian and Aaron). Liberator soon made a name for themselves putting on parties in and around North East London in squats and underground venues, and it wasn’t long before they began hooking up with other crews doing similar stuff including Bedlam, Full On, Zero Gravity and Megadog who they all played regularly for with their firebrand mix of Acid, hard Techno and Rave. Getting involved with the illegal raves kicking off in the UK at the time (including Lechlade and Castle Morton) via their numerous traveller connections saw them hook up with crews out in Europe from Prague and Holland and they began travelling internationally as well. In 1993 they began their label Stay Up Forever to represent their own unique style, and as it progressed and they met more producers like DDR, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Gizelle, Geezer and Lawrie Immersion, the sound of London Techno and Acid Techno as we know it was born.

Chris went on to start the SUF Collective (which he runs with Aaron Liberator) and began DJing across the world including places as far flung as Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, South Africa and Australia, and his name quickly became synonymous with the sound of the London Techno he represented. Meanwhile he continued to support his roots playing thousands of squat parties and underground raves in London, UK and Europe, keeping it firmly ‘real’ despite making DJ mag’s top 100 dj list on several occasions and producing some of the era’s most popular Acd Techno mix cds. Musically he has been behind some of the scenes biggest anthems including ONE NIGHT IN HACKNEY (with D.A.V.E.The Drummer), LONDON ACID CITY (with Lawrie Immersion) , CROYDON GIRL (with Sterling Moss and Rackitt), SCUM LIKE US (with Sterling Moss), X RAY OK , SOUL MANTRA and many, many more. Chris was originally a punk on the early eighties Anarcho punk scene and carries his sense of DIY and anti system principles from then, and still plays in 2 punk bands (Dogshite and Hagar The Womb) as well as DJ ing classic punk and reggae sets. Chris still only plays on vinyl and is just as dedicated to his art and philosophy as he was when he started 30 years ago!!!


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